An AI-driven hedge fund, leveraging real-time blockchain market & network data.

Our Entry Algorithm

We believe that the altcoin market is on the brink of its final capitulation. Our entry algorithm is ready to execute.

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Inside Look: FishTank's AI Signals

Why did we adopt a bearish stance despite Bitcoin's breakout? This article shows AI signals and specific pieces of data that guided our decision.

Our Values & Commitments

Anaideia is committed to prioritizing capital protection, maintaining high standards of transparency & integrity, and relentlessly pursue the race to AMI.

The Hard-Landing Scenario

Market participants are quick to forget how increasingly painful high interest rates gets on vulnerable entities. While there seems to be a prevailing assumption of a soft landing in the market, our data-driven analysis paints a less optimistic picture.

The Great Reversal: Why & When?

Significant demand catalysts on the horizon are anticipated to end the bear market. Despite BTC's breakout, we foresee a significant setback underway, setting the stage for a sustainable and long-term uptrend.

The Elite Entry

We are monitoring a critical AI signal to make strategic investments in valuable tokens. Explore our exclusive entry opportunity.

The Final Death Spiral?

Examining the market downturn and the exclusive opportunities it may create down the line in the altcoin market.


What is the meaning of Anaideia? Why don't we invest in BTC & ETH? When can I withdraw my investment?

A Clear Distribution Range

BTC has maintained exceptionally low volatility for the past 40 days while hovering around $30k, a critical level, at a crossroads. New bull market? Final capitulation? Here is where we stand.

TOTAL3 Followed Plan

The market entered our entry plan zone from April 14th. We have secured our target seed investment. Public subscriptions are now open.

The Entry Portfolio

It's time to talk about the entry portfolio. The altcoin market is moving closer to our entry plan. We are very excited about what's coming next.

TOTAL3 Is Following Plan

Everything is looking good, we are focused on the entry plan. Here is our recent evaluation of the market.

A Clear Top Signal

A clear top signal arises. A new potential narrative for BTC. A snapshot of our entry plan for 2023 and vision for the next cycle.

2 months countdown

Recent email warnings have been playing out well as the market topped and then dropped sharply under support. Here is what's next.

Emails warnings

Bearish signals have been rising together with price decline, while the market is at technical support. That is a rare occurrence, indicating risk of further downside.